Two Friendly Reminders for When You’re Feeling Stuck


It’s funny how random events in our day will teach us profound lessons. This morning Welina shut herself in our bedroom. As soon as she realized that she had trapped herself in there, she started hitting the door and crying. When I tried to open the door I found she was sitting right in front of it and I couldn’t open it. For several minutes we sat at an impasse with her screaming hysterically and me trying to tell her to move away from the door. Eventually she gave up and crawled away, and I was able to open the door and let her out.

The whole incident taught me two things:

  1. We are the key to solving our own problems – I was completely helpless in this situation. Me helping her was completely dependent on her helping herself. So many times I find myself looking outward for the someone to bail me out of a tough situation, when really no one can help me unless I take action first, whether it’s asking for help or putting myself in a better position to receive help.
  2. Often a problem will resolve itself once we get moving – If all I want to do is sit on my butt and cry, that’s all that’s gonna happen. I am the poster-child of sitting and crying (which is probably where Welina gets it from) and making decisions is NOT my strong suit. Seriously,┬áI wish I could make a career out of NOT making decisions because I would be set for life! I can’t even decide what kind of candy I want or what I want for lunch or what I want to watch on Netflix after the kids go to sleep. But in those moments where I suddenly become a responsible, decision-making adult, and act on it, I get stuff done, and it feels amazing. Being stuck in analysis paralysis is a sure-fire way to end up sitting and crying and wallowing in self-pity.

Life can sometimes feel like a series of doors we can’t get past, and I think we’re allowed to sit and cry for a little while, but consider this a reminder to us all that there is always a way out if we’re willing to look for it.